How to use Scaleway Object Storage with UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin

The famous WordPress backup plugin « UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin » has a free feature which allows you to automatically upload your backups to an S3 compatible storage.

Scaleway has a S3 compatible storage named Object Storage which is free up to 75Go/month.

Step by step

  1. Create an Scaleway account on
  2. Go to Object Storage and click on Create Bucket
  3. Create API keys on Project Dashboard > Credentials

  4. Go to UpdraftPlus > Settings and select S3-Compatible (Generic)

  5. Fill credentials this way:
    • S3 access key: your Scaleway API access key
    • S3 secret key: your Scaleway API secret key
    • S3 location: your Scaleway bucket name
    • S3 end point: the Scaleway root URL, for example
  6. Don’t forget to save the settings

You’re ready to go!

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